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Graduates Holding Diplomas

High School Seniors

This scholarship will be awarded to a underrepresented female who is graduating for a high school in Alachua County Florida and has a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The scholarship is given based on several criteria: a) scholastic achievement b) financial need c) character d) leadership ability e) quality and level and quality of activities related to school, church, and community.

Applications may be obtained by contacting your high school guidance counselor in early February. Scholarships are due back by the 2nd Friday in March.

Awards are deternined in early April.

Please direct all inquires to the foundation scholarship chairperson at

Cullen Banks Scholarship Fund

UF Medical Students

Dr. Cullen W. Banks, M.D. Scholarship Fund

Dr. Banks began his pre-medical studies at Wilberforce University, Xenia (OH) earning his medical degree from Howard University, Washington, DC in 1948. Dr. Banks moved to Gainesville, FL in 1949. He assumed the practice of Dr. Orion T. Ayer and continued to practice for the next 47 years. Dr. Banks was the first Black to have full privileges at Alachua General Hospital and North Florida Regional Medical Center. 

Annually, a portion of monies raised is donated this endowment to continue the legacy of Dr. Banks. His wife, LaKay Banks, continues to be the biggest suporter of our organization and this scholarship fund.



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